Tommy Johnson

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Tommy Johnson

Birth Name: Thomas Everett Johnson

Personal: Father: Idell Johnson (Alonzo "Lonnie" Johnson?). Mother: Mary Ella Wilson. Brothers: Clarence, LeDell, Mager Johnson

* 1896 on George Miller Plantation near Terry, Mississippi
moved to Crystal Springs MS
c1910 - took interest in guitar, learned from brother LeDell
c1912-14 - ran away from home to work as intinerant musician, area Boyle and Rolling Fork MS
1914-16 - frequently worked at local country parties and dances, Crystal Springs area MS
c1914-17 - married with Maggie Bidwell
since 1916 worked outside music on Tom Sander Plantation, Drew MS - frequently worked with Charley Patton, Willie Brown and Dick Bankston on Webb Jennings Plantation, Drew MS
c1917-20 - hoboed through Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi working at jukes and streets
from c1920 frequently worked at jukes, parties, frolics, Crystal Springs MS - occ. worked with Charley Patton in local jukes, Greenwood and Moorhead MS
early 20s - married with Ella Hill
through 20s - frequently worked with Rubin Lacy, Son Spand, Charley McCoy, John Byrd, Walter Vincent, Ishmon Bracey and others at local dances, parties, streets, Jackson MS
1924-27 - frequently worked outside music on Bernard Graff Plantation, Rolling Fork MS with frequent wanderings through Delta area working for tips
1928 - Feb. 3/4, Aug. 31, recorded for Victor, Memphis TN
1929? 1930 - Jan., March, recorded for Paramount, Grafton, WI
into 30s - owned and worked in a small cafe, Jackson MS - continued working at streets, parties, picnics, suppers through Mississippi and New Orleans LA - frequently toured with Ishman Bracey working in Doctor Simpson's Medicine Show through Delta area
1935 - worked at local parties, Tylertown MS
c1935-39 - married with Rosa Youngblood
c1936 - worked at house parties, Angie LA, Tylertown MS, Jackson MS
from 1937-1950 - worked with Roosevelt Holts, KC Douglas and others at local parties and streets, Jackson MS
40s - married with Emma Downes
November 1st, 1956 in Crystal Springs, Mississippi (suffered fatal heart attack after working at a local house party)
buried at Warm Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Crystal Springs MS

Instruments: Guitar (acoustic), Kazoo

Influences: Charlie Patton, Willie Brown

Influenced: James Brewer, KC Douglas, Shirley Griffith, Roosevelt Holts, Howlin' Wolf, Clarence Johnson, LeDell Johnson, Mager Johnson, Otis Spann, Houston Stackhouse, Babe Stovall, Johnny Temple, Boogie Bill Webb

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Songs (with date of recording):

Alcohol And Jake Blues
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-250-2- Paramount 12950 - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
Big Fat Mama Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.08.31 -- Memphis TN - 45465-1 Victor 38535 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g)
Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.02.03 - - Memphis TN - 41837-2 Victor 21279 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g) -
Black Mare Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-250-1 Paramount unissued, L-250-2-Paramount 13000 - Tommy Johnson (v,g) New Orelans Nehi Boys (Kid Ernest Moliere (cl), Charles Taylor (p), unknown (perc))
Boogaloosa Woman
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-231-2-Paramount unissued - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
Button Up Shoes (Walking Shoes) --> see: Morning Prayer
Bye-Bye Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.02.04 -- Memphis TN - 41838-1 Victor 21409 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g)
Canned Heat Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.08.31 -- Memphis TN - 45462 -2 Victor V38535 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g) -
Cool Drink of Water Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.02.03 - - Memphis TN - 41836-2 Victor 21279 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g) -
I Want Someone to Love Me
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-227-1(2) Paramount (2 takes, unissued by Paramount) - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
I Wonder to Myself (Tommy Johnson)
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-228-1 Paramount 12975 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), unknown kazoo
Lonesome Home Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.08.31 -- Memphis TN - 45463-1,-2 Victor unissued - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g)
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-230-2 Paramount 13000 - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
Louisiana Blues
1928.08.31 -- Memphis TN - 45464-2 Victor unissued - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g)
Maggie Campbell Blues (Tommy Johnson)
1928.02.04 -- Memphis TN - 41839-2 Victor 21409 - Tommy Johnson (v,g), Charlie McCoy (g)
Morning Prayer
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-231-1 Paramount unissued - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
P.C. Railroad Blues
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - Paramount 13121 - Charles Taylor (v,p), New Orleans Nehi Boys ("Kid" Ernest Moliere? (cl), Ishman Bracey or Tommy Johnson (g))
Ridin' Horse (Tommy Johnson)
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-249-1-Paramount 12950 - Tommy Johnson (v,g)
Slidin' Delta (Tommy Johnson)
1929.12.00? -- Grafton WI - L-229-2-Paramount 12975 - Tommy Johnson (v,g)