Canned Heat Blues (Tommy Johnson)


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Early Blues Songbook: a collection of early blues in words and music / Paul Oliver. London u.a., 1982– Copyright 1930


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Crying, canned heat, canned heat, mama, crying, sure, Lord, killing me.
Crying, canned heat, mama, sure, Lord, killing me.
Takes alcorub to take these canned heat blues.

Crying, mama, mama, mama, you know, canned heat killing me.
Crying, mama, mama, mama, crying, canned heat is killing me.
Canned heat don't kill me, crying, babe, I'll never die.

I woked up, up this morning, with canned heat on my mind.
Woked up this morning, canned heat was on my mind.
Woke up this morning, with canned heat, Lord, on my mind.

Crying, Lord, Lord, I wonder, canned heat, Lord, killing me.
Jake alcohol's ruined me, churning 'bout my soul.
Because brownskin woman don't do the easy roll.

I woke up, up this morning, crying, canned heat 'round my bed.
Run here, somebody, take these canned heat blues.
Run here, somebody, and take these canned heat blues.

Crying, mama, mama, mama, crying, canned heat killing me.
B'lieve to my soul, Lord, it gonna kill me dead.