Terraplane Blues (Robert Johnson)

Frank Edwards Jr. also owns the copyright on a song with this title [GEMA]


Gissing, Werner: Mississippi Delta Blues: Formen und Texte von Robert Johnson (1911-1938). (Beiträge zur Jazzforschung. Studies in Jazz Research). Graz, 1986.


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King of Spades Music


1937 - Robert Johnson - San Antonio, Texas - Nov. 23, 1936 - ARC 7-03-56 Vocalion 03416 (2 takes, second take unissued) - 3'00 - Robert Johnson (v,g) - guitar part similar to "Stones in my Passway", "Milkcow's Calf Blues" - listen on Wikimedia

Terraplane Blues by Robert Johnson, Vocalion Records

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see also Dynaflow Blues

And I feel so lonesome,
You'll hear me when I moan.
When I feel so lonesome,
You hear me when I moan.
Who been drivin' my terraplane
For you since I've been gone?

I'd said I flashed your lights, mama,
Your horn won't even blow.
(spoken: Somethin' bad's been runnin' those batteries down in this machine)
I even flash my lights, mama,
This horn won't even blow.
Got a short in this connection,
Hoo, well, babe, its way down below.

I'm on hoist your hood, momma,
I'm bound to check your oil.
I'm on hoist your hood, momma, mmmm
I'm bound to check your oil.
I got a woman that I'm lovin',
Way down in Arkansas.

Now you know, the coils ain't even buzzin',
Little generator won't get the spark.
Motors in a bad condition,
You gotta have these batteries charged.
But I'm cryin', please,
Please, don't do me wrong.
Who been drivin my terraplane now for you
Hoo, since I've been gone?

Mr Highwayman,
Please, don't block the roa`.
Ple-hease don't block the roa`.
'Cause she's reachin' a cold one hundred
And I'm booked I gotta go.

Mmm mmm
mmmm mmmm mmm
You ooo oooo oooo
You hear me weep and moan.
Who been drivin my terraplane now
For you since I've been gone?

I'm on get deep down in this connection,
Keep on tanglin with your wires.
I'm on get deep down in this connection,
Hoo, well keep on tanglin with your wire.s
And when I mash down your little starter,
Then your spark plug will give me a fire.