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history - the Union of South Africa is created - Portugal becomes a republic - Mexican Revolution

culture - Comet Halley is visible from Earth - the first air flight for the purpose of delivering commercial freight takes place in the U.S.A. - Georges Claude demonstrates the first modern neon light - the first live musical radio program. Lee De Forest broadcasts a live performance of Enrico Caruso from the Metropolitan Opera - Casa Milà in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudí is completed - Wassily Kandinsky: Improvisation 7: first abstract pictures - George Braque: Violin and Candlestick - Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell: Principia Mathematica - Rainer Maria Rilke: The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge - Robert Koch (†) - Henri Rousseau (†) - Leo Tolstoy (†) - Mark Twain (†)

music - Béla Bartók: String Quartet No. 1 - Igor Stravinsky: ballet L'Oiseau de feu (The Firebird) - Fritz Kreiser: Liebesfreud. Liebesleid - Ralph Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 1 ('A Sea Symphony') - Giacomo Puccini: La fanciulla del West (The Girl of the Golden West) - Claude Debussy: Préludes I for piano - Scott Joplin: Treemonisha