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history - Adolf Hitler abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht - Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg of Austria meets Adolf Hitler and, under threat of invasion, is forced to yield to German demands for greater Nazi participation in the Austrian government - Anschluss: German troops occupy Austria, annexation is declared the following day, the Austrian electorate in a national referendum approved Anschluss by an overwhelming 99.73% - the Roma and Sinti peoples in Germany and Austria are rounded up, beaten up and jailed - the Mauthausen concentration camp is built in Austria - the Japanese Imperial Army largely overruns Canton - German troops march into the Sudetenland - Holocaust–Kristallnacht: In Germany, the "night of broken glass" begins as Nazi activists and sympathizers loot and burn Jewish businesses

culture - Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia - Konrad Zuse in Berlin completes his Z1 computer - Walt Disney: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Thornton Wilder: Our Town - Henry Miller: Tropic of Capricorn - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (†)

music - Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet - Carl Orff: Carmina Burana - first time recordings with electric guitar? (George Barnes, Lonnie Johnson) - Pete Seeger begins his career as a folk singer- Robert Johnson (†) - Papa Charlie Jackson (†)

first released recordings - Sonny Terry, Rosetta Tharpe, Joe Turner

released recordings/songs - Big Joe Turner, Pete Johnson: Roll 'Em Pete', Sonny Boy Williamson I: Sunnyland